Ultimate Pixelator™ Bundle

Ultimate Pixelator™ Bundle

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Bundle Includes: smART Pixelator™ + smART Organizer + smART Bracelet Maker

smART Pixelator
  • Easy-to-follow light technology shows you where to place the beads
  • Create using beads, sequins, or pegs
  • Free App allows you to recreate photos from your mobile device
  • Create ready-to-display 2D or 3D projects
  • Combines art, technology, and STEAM learning
smART Organizer
Keep all your smART Pixelator™ tools in one organized container! The portable smART Pixel Organizer keeps all your beads, pegs, sequins and Smart tools in one place.
  • 3,200 beads (16 colors, 200 of each color)
  • 3,200 pegs (16 colors, 200 of each color)
  • 6,400 sequins (16 colors, 400 of each color)
  • 3 reusable trays, 2 frames, 2 frame stands
  • 1 bead applicator and 1 sequin applicator
smART Bracelet Maker Set
Use smART Pixel Beads and your smART Pixelator™ to create a unique bracelet. Heat-sensitive beads are easy to apply using our smART applicator.
Set includes:
  • 2000 beads (8 colors, 250 of each color)
  • 1 reusable bracelet tray set
  • 2 child-safe needles
  • 60 feet of string.
*4mm smART Pixel Beads good for use only with smART Pixelator device

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